BSc or MSc done? What's next?

BSc or MSc done? What's next?

Have you finished your BSc or MSc and you don’t know your next step?

Are you looking for a mentor that guides you through suitable courses, available positions and fellowships, compatible with your studies?

LYRIS offers a mentoring programme designed for aspiring undergraduates seeking professional guidance on their academic path. We help participants to find open suitable positions on an international level and mentor them on how to benefit from available scholarships.

LYRIS aims to provide undergraduate students with step-by-step counselling to ensure they submit professional level applications, increasing their chances of being selected for positions and achieving their academic goals.

Do you want to know more?

Book a 15 minutes free appointment with us, who will pair you with a suitable mentor from our international team, based on your academic background and aspirations.  

We look forward to working with you in our programme!